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Breathalyser AlcoProof

Breathalyser AlcoProof

Breathalyser AlcoProof for vehicles travelling in France.
Although it is a legal requirement in France to carry a breathalyser in your car, the police have now suspended the €11 fine, even so, it’s best to carry a breathalyser as it will help keep the police authorities happy which may help speed up your journey, or could stop them finding another fault e.g. no GB sticker or blown bulb etc.
Our breathalysers are calibrated solely to the 0.5% alcohol level AlcoProof and are manufactured in France, in one of the few factories to have the necessary standards.
Remember it can take up to 14 hours to ‘clear’ the alcohol from 4 pints of beer from your body and France has a lower safe limit (0.5% vs UK 0.8%).
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