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Find Snow Chains to fit your vehicle

  • Top Gear Snow Chains for cars
    From just £24.95, our most popular car snow chain, ideal for the UK or European holiday trips. Easy quick fit to tyre, packed in a strong carry case, manufactured from mild steel, not recommended for heavier passenger vehicles or people carriers.
    £24.85 - £34.95
  • Snow Chains Zip Micro Karving
    Top quality chain from the Thule factory, they are manufactured using hardened manganese nickel steel alloy making them ideal for small family cars to heavy high powered sports cars, Quick fitting, diamond pattern chain, 9mm projection.
    £76.42 - £169.95
  • Thule EasyFit Snow Chains
    Thule Easy-fit snow chains, the easiest fitting snow chain ever, fitted in just 12 seconds with no need to stop and re-tension the chain as it remains tight to the wheel. Easyfit won the prestigious innovation of the year award at EquipAuto fair in Paris.
  • K-Summit Snow Chains
    Thule K-Summit, the easiest external mounting snow chain on the market, manufactured by Thule, quality, strength and durability are assured, for small to medium SUV, for large 4x4 choose K-Summit XXL
    £289.95 - £299.95
  • K-Summit XXL snow chains
    Thule K Summit XXL snow chains, XXL Heavy duty version is for vehicles which weigh over 2000kg when empty (Range Rover etc.) After a one off initial pre-adjustment fitting, it takes less than one minute to attach, click here to watch our fitting video.
    £378.95 - £387.95
  • Car Snow Socks
    Snow socks are a high anti-wear resistant fabric which you slip over the driving wheels on cars, ideal for a slippery, icy car park but not recommended for heavy use, rated 4 stars by AutoExpress magazine, the highest rating given in this category.
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