First Aid Kit for cars

First Aid Kit

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2 x Sterilized gauzes
1/161 of cotton wool 10grams
1 x Elastic bandage 3m x 5cm 
1 x Elastic bandage 4m x 6cm
1 x Elastic bandage 4m x 8cm
1 pair of scissors
1 Pair of Tweezers
1 Pair disposable latex gloves
5 x Plaster strips small 9mm x 40mm 
1 x Plaster strip 1m x 1.25cm
2 x Antiseptic swaps

The Good Samaritan law requires that coming upon the scene of an accident, or directly involved in causing an accident, you must go to the aid of anyone who might be injured. This is a legal obligation in France and throughout the Continent, failure to do so is a criminal offence.