Top Gear Snow Chains 4x4 fits 15" wheels
Top Gear Snow Chains 4x4 fits 15 inch wheels
Snow Chains 4x4 for 15" wheels
Top Gear Snow Chains 4x4
Rear connector snow chains
Snow chain bag

Snow Chains 4x4-vans-camper vans with 15 inch tyres

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Please put your tyre size in above then add to cart.
All snow chains are sold in pairs (Qty 1 = 1 pair)
(Price varies depending on required snow chain size)
Snow chains are 16mm inside and on-the-tread clearance.
Please check your manufactures car hand book for compatibility.
Super value and Great Grip for 4WD, large vans and Camper vans.
Snow chains ideal for the UK or European holiday trips.
Easy Quick fit to tyre, packed in a strong carry case.
Fully guaranteed, Includes instructions and repair kit.